Join us for our monthly zoom physical therapy classes!

Click on the Events page for more information!

Join us for our monthly zoom physical therapy classes!

Click on the Events page for more information!

Join us for our monthly zoom physical therapy classes!

Click on the Events page for more information!

We are open and seeing patients in-clinic as well as by Telehealth video conference!

Click on the Events page for more information!

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Hands-On Therapy
Physical Therapy

At SPORT Clinic Physical Therapy your therapist will take a "whole-person" approach to evaluating your condition.

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Gym Program
Gym Program

The Gym program allows you to continue your individual exercise or training program to prevent injury reoccurrence.

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Our Team
Our Team

Since 1984 SPORT Clinic Physical Therapy has evolved into a state-of-the-art facility providing wellness services and education.

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"I highly recommend SPORT Clinic for physical therapy."

- Sandy S.
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Welcome to SPORT Clinic Physical Therapy

SPORT Clinic can Help You Put More Life in Your Years!

If an injury has slowed your pace, nagging aches and pains are making it hard to get back in shape,
you’re hoping to age with grace and balance intact, or you have aspirations to be a competitive athlete,
SPORT Clinic Physical Therapy will provide individual hands-on treatment and an
easy-to-follow physical therapy program in a positive environment.
We will help you reach your goals.

optimium function for life
optimum performance in sport and recreation

Let's Talk About Dry Needling

SPORT Clinic Physical Therapy offers Trigger Point Dry Needling to help resolve common symptoms associated with muscle dysfunction and pain. Our goal is to thoroughly evaluate and treat the cause of musculoskeletal problems, not merely the symptoms.

What is trigger point dry needling?
Dry needling is an evidence-based approach for treating pain and dysfunction. It is used to treat trigger points in muscles.

The procedure involves advancing a thin filiform needle through the skin to stimulate the underlying trigger points.

The result is improved muscle function and less pain with movement. Trigger points in multiple muscles can be treated during each session and no medication of any kind is used.

What causes trigger points?
Trigger points can be the result of overuse, muscle strains, repeated or unaccustomed activities, or even postural strain. They are also associated with osteoarthritis and other joint or nerve dysfunctions.

Does dry needling hurt?
The sensation felt during dry needling is described as a brief muscle cramp lasting a fraction of a second, followed by some soreness comparable to after strenuous exercise.

Trigger point dry needling produces a superior outcome especially when used in conjunction with other physical therapy treatments.

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