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Sports Performance

Physical Therapy is the Right Choice for Athletics

Physical therapy to enhance athletic pursuits or to help you get back to what you love doing often involves resolution of acute, chronic, or repetitive injuries in professional, collegiate, high school or recreational athletes.

Evaluation, treatment, transition back to sport, prevention, and performance enhancement programs are all important to your end goal.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

SPORT physical therapists often see post-surgical athletes to help them recover strength, range of motion, and activities of daily living.

To accomplish this we use techniques such as:

  • Manual Therapy– specialized hands-on techniques to facilitate movement, and functional control
  • Therapeutic Exercise – from active range of motion, to advanced resistance protocols, your PT can help you re-gain the necessary strength to compete in your given sport.
  • Heat, ice, taping techniques, and electrical stimulation
  • Functional Retraining – many sports require specialized balance, movement patterns, and dynamic flexibility and stability. We help retrain athletes in their given area of interest.
  • Strength & Endurance Training – sports require endurance, balance, and short burst of intense strength. Physical therapists can help transition players to advanced conditioning programs that replicate their experience in athletics


Interventions and recommendations to assist athletes with the prevention might include pre-participation evaluations, equipment advice, conditioning programs (e.g. ACL injury prevention) and cardiorespiratory conditioning programs.

Sports Performance Programs

Tailored to specific sporting demands and provided to the athlete as a training regime.