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Gym Program


Use the SPORT Clinic Gym to continue your individual exercise or training program to prevent injury reoccurrence and to further progress your functional abilities after or during physical therapy. This program is also meant to support patients with insurance challenges, providing a cost-effective alternative to care when insurance runs out or doesn't provide adequate support.

An exercise prescription will be created by your physical therapist and you can use the SPORT equipment you are accustomed to using.

Sports and Performance

With Get Up and Go Gym you can also pursue athletic goals in the same gym where your physical therapist is working. Old injuries, physical limitations or chronic aches and pains can be identified in an evaluation with a SPORT Clinic physical therapist and an exercise program created to help you reach your goals. Golf, running, biking, horseback riding and even gardening are within reach at SPORT Clinic Physical Therapy.

Gym Program Fees

$50.00 per 10 sessions

Activity Evaluation

$ 90 per 30 minutes

Joint or Soft Tissue Mobilization/Manual Therapy

$ 90 per 30 minutes

Your Exercise Prescription

$120 per evaluation and program development
$ 60-90 re-check and update