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Dry Needling

SPORT Clinic Physical Therapy offers Trigger Point Dry Needling to help treat muscle dysfunction and muscle pain. At SPORT Clinic PT our goal is to thoroughly evaluate and treat the cause of musculoskeletal problems, not merely the symptoms. 

What is trigger point dry needling?

Dry needling is an evidence-based approach for treating pain and dysfunction. It is used to treat trigger points in muscles, a common cause of muscle pain. The procedure involves advancing a thin filiform needle through the skin to stimulate the underlying trigger points. The end result is improved muscle function and less pain with movement.

Dry needling is an evidence-based treatment for muscle dysfunction and pain. It specifically targets trigger points in muscles. Trigger points are localized, painful areas in muscle fibers and can be caused by muscle overuse, injuries, and many other conditions. During dry needling treatment, a thin filiform needle is inserted through the skin to stimulate a muscle trigger point. No medication is used. The outcome is improved muscle function and less pain with movement.

Trigger points in multiple muscles can be treated during each session and no medication of any kind is used. Trigger point dry needling often produces a superior outcome, especially when used in conjunction with other physical therapy treatments.

Who will benefit from dry needling?

Many people can benefit from trigger point dry needling; however, it is not appropriate for everyone. Your physical therapist will perform an individualized assessment of your specific condition and determine if you may benefit from dry needling.

What causes trigger points?

Trigger points can be the result of overuse, muscle strains, repeated or unaccustomed activities, or even postural strain. They are also associated with osteoarthritis and other joint or nerve dysfunctions. 

Does dry needling hurt?
The sensation felt during dry needling is often described as a brief muscle cramp that only lasts a fraction of a second. There is a common period of soreness following treatment comparable to performing a strenuous exercise with that muscle.

Is trigger point dry needling like acupuncture?

Although trigger point dry needling may look similar to acupuncture, the two treatments are different. They are each based on a different treatment model, they target different tissues in the body, and they require different training to perform.

Does dry needling hurt?

Some people report mild discomfort during and after dry needling, similar to brief muscle cramping or soreness. Your physical therapist will be able to discuss in detail what to expect during and after the procedure.

Will dry needling cure my... back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, etc.?

Many people experience pain relief following trigger point dry needling. However, it works best as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Your physical therapist will work with you to evaluate and treat the cause of your musculoskeletal problems, not just treat the symptoms. Exercise and active movement are important aspects of long-term recovery.

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